new beginnings


packing it up and up and up and up and...

Hello there, plongitudes blog, long time no see!

August went by and I could hardly take a breath, now we are midway through September and the pace has barely slowed.

As I hinted on my social media recently, I am leaving my position at Image Comics after approximately 5 busy and fruitful years. I cannot begin to explain how strange it feels to have a role be the center of my universe for that long time, at the heart of my identity, and then one day later it simply not being there anymore. It was not an easy decision but it is one that I needed to make for myself and, I hope, I have left Image in a better place than where I found it. That’s all we can really hope for when we truly love a company and its mission, right? We don’t all get that opportunity and it was one I got to experience pretty early in my career.

Leaving a job is a heavy topic. But I’m very ready to head back to Boston, be closer to my family, and re-discover the city I have such fond memories of.

September and October is dedicated to refocusing on my personal projects that so often got pushed to the side for one reason or another. It’s kind of terrifying but also totally invigorating.

Not much else to say right now. I want to work on more confidently posting my work in progress pieces, so I will post a few projects I have brewing in the coming weeks. I need to continue the book project, work on a brand for a friend who is starting her own business, and maybe even create a Twitch identity for myself since I have been streaming every now and then lately. Where do I even start? Starting anxiety is real!!! but very defeat-able.

See you soon.