Chalkboard lettering

Did my first chalkboard this weekend at a wedding! I initially designed it in Procreate and a grid, then copied it right onto the chalkboard.

whew! Stressful (it was a very last minute addition to the work I supplied for the event) but so fun. I need to practice this and do more. Seriously respect Lauren Hom and her chalkboard menu hustle…


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Darker Than Blue


Darker Than Blue, Volume 1 by David Brothers

^^^ follow that link to purchase!

I created the title lettering for the cover and chapter breaks for this self-published volume of short stories, written by my longtime Image+ collaborator and friend David Brothers. I also did the typesetting. The cover art is by comics legend Nick Dragotta.

David needed it printed in time for the upcoming Toronto Comic Arts Festival so I mocked up the pages and drawings within a week.

I’m wondering how acceptable it is to be vulnerable on my professional portfolio website, but I’m going to go ahead and write how I’m feeling about this project. I finished these drawings about two weeks ago now, and I remember, at the time, feeling absolutely devastated that this was what I delivered to David in the end. I wonder how many other designers have this practically debilitating self doubt the minute before hitting send on an email with completed project files. It’s self doubt that pushes me through a process, too, though— “this can be better” or “this can ABSOLUTELY be better, try something else” or “work this more, just another couple hours on this and it’ll click.” But never being satisfied with what you’ve created must be a staple ingredient to being an artist of any kind— how else do we push ourselves to get better?

Sometimes (most of the time) I don’t have time to push it one, two, three more miles, and my commitment to following through is ten times stronger than the little devil whispering in my ear that my work isn’t good enough. So I hit send, take a nap, move onto the next project, use what I learned etc etc etc.

race to the top of the world.png
second round ko.png
jane wick.png
monkey on the mountain.png

I mention all of this mostly because looking at this book now I realize how skewed my own perspective is while I’m in the act of creating. These title pages are fine. They’re absolutely fine! I of course see things I’d like to change, or certain elements I’d have leaned into or edited had I had more time, but they’re absolutely fine, and David is satisfied with them, so I’m going to allow myself a small pat on the back. I’m very excited to see it in print, and I’m very excited to be a part of David’s first self-published work. Onward and upward and all of that!

🎧 “Nevergreen” - Emancipator