100 book project

100 book project



I posted about this project on my IG and got so many great suggestions including a bunch of genres I previously wouldn’t have thought of. I think it’s obvious by these covers so far that I read a lot of thrillers and mysteries… so to get some lighter fare will definitely be fun!

A friend of mine alerted me to a project that her husband did while he was in grad school that was very similar to this one, except he had placed a time constraint on himself and did multiple iterations of the same cover. It’s definitely something I’d like to explore in the future.

I was thinking that perhaps after I get more in the bag I will start doing spine and back cover designs for the more successful ones and go from there… first things first, I need to at least get into double digits territory, ha!

100 book project



I have about 10 of these that are 80% done but I really need to shove through and finish them! Part of the problem I’ve bumped into with this project so far has been pacing; on the one hand I want to create polished works, on the other I want to produce volume and explore as much ground as quickly as possible. I’m sure in a few covers I’ll be in a nice rhythm with it, but I’m considering adding parameters to the project itself to give myself some stricter guidelines to play within.

The photograph of the flowers is by Vincent Dufour on Unsplash

100 book project


2 more covers for the ol’ book project. I think I could consider this still the “warm up zone”— I’m hoping to get more inspired and limber as I go on and make some more interesting compositions.

Also, I am very very late to the party but I just discovered Unsplash and I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT! It’s actually so perfect for this project. I got way too excited over the weekend and downloaded way too many images… I still need to sift through them all.


100 book project

book covers

project cover mockup.jpg

Though I work in [comic] book publishing, I don’t get enough chances to design book covers. I love book design and often buy a book just because I love the cover (yes, that has led to a few duds… but definitely attests to the power of design, right?).



gotta start somewhere!

I have worked on zine covers for friends, and mocked up logos for comic books, and created editorial headers for work. I was looking for a project to start this summer to keep my creative muscles limber and also have some fun, and honestly, to experiment with fonts and imagery I don’t typically get to in comics or my freelance work.

My BU classmate and friend Micaela Brody had mentioned that she was starting a personal project wherein she made band posters for fake bands— I had a blast coming up with a few band names to help her out with it. I loved the idea and really wanted to take a swing at a project like that.

So, 100 Book Project is happening. Fake titles, fake authors, fake awards, fake cover blurbs.

I’ve got…. 1 so far. :) I’ll post them in batches!

wish me luck.