graphic design

more weddings!

I have been working on helping a dear friend with her wedding stationery; here is a sneak peek of the design language:


Whenever I work on this stuff I always end up with 8-15 “sketch” designs— I just get a lot of ideas at once and find myself hopping from one idea to the next, and before I know it I have 20 pages in my inDesign doc with 20 different variations of the same design. Inevitably a lot of ideas go un-used, though sometimes I do apply the ideas to other projects when applicable.

I am seriously considering opening an Etsy shop for some of these designs. I produce a lot that doesn’t see the light of day, but could still be used! It’s one reason I have been slow with updates lately; I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot so I spent a lot of time researching ways to go about the Etsy shop set up smartly.

It doesn’t seem like Etsy is the best place for a freelance graphic designer necessarily— prices are competitive and I honestly think they’re lower than the actual designs are worth in many cases. Very talented designers seem to spin their wheels in order to compete with larger shops (I’m not sure how the larger shops manage to make it worth it— just lots of templates I guess?). Either way, I wouldn’t be in it for a full-time gig, but if I have designs to share, and can change a name within my own template, then I think it could be a fun way to make a little extra income.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. I’m just excited and feeling hopeful.