100 book project

book covers

project cover mockup.jpg

Though I work in [comic] book publishing, I don’t get enough chances to design book covers. I love book design and often buy a book just because I love the cover (yes, that has led to a few duds… but definitely attests to the power of design, right?).



gotta start somewhere!

I have worked on zine covers for friends, and mocked up logos for comic books, and created editorial headers for work. I was looking for a project to start this summer to keep my creative muscles limber and also have some fun, and honestly, to experiment with fonts and imagery I don’t typically get to in comics or my freelance work.

My BU classmate and friend Micaela Brody had mentioned that she was starting a personal project wherein she made band posters for fake bands— I had a blast coming up with a few band names to help her out with it. I loved the idea and really wanted to take a swing at a project like that.

So, 100 Book Project is happening. Fake titles, fake authors, fake awards, fake cover blurbs.

I’ve got…. 1 so far. :) I’ll post them in batches!

wish me luck.